Throw A Party -Denim Overalls Are Back

Throw a party, Denim Overalls are back. Versatile and comfy and so super stylish  your Tween will want to wear them to bed.  Teamed with long tees, knits and of course a simple T’shirt they will be sure to see your gorgeous Tween all the way through to next summer.

Renée and Prue xx




1. J. Crew Denim Overall $136.35

2.  J Crew Flutter-Sleeve Top $69.00

3. Converse Junior Low Top $90 – $130

4. Seed Tassel Flap Purse $39.95

The Glamping Camping Party

Prue turns 12 next week and suggested we do a party post. With so many themes to chose from, far too many for one post, we  decided to focus on a Glamping Camping Party first, otherwise known as a GCParty.  It’s all about glamour, fun and friendship and anyone can pull it off with a bit of imagination.

So lets start planning this stupendous GCParty.

Step 1.

The Dream Catcher


The guests have arrived and the fun begins. So first things first the Dream Catchers have to be made to ensure a night full of beautiful dreams.

We found these Dream Catcher kits at SleepoversRus  but you can always DIY here.

Step 2.

Movie Time


Grab the deck chairs, cushions, bean bags, rugs or whatever you can lay your hands on to watch movies on your tweens very own outdoor movie screen. Just the idea of watching movies outside makes us want to throw a party.

Don’t be daunted by making your own outdoor screen it’s really quite easy. Click on the link to find out how here. Or there are a number of companies who hire screens such as Outdoor Cinemas

Step 3

The Popcorn Bar


Movies = popcorn and what would be more perfect than setting up a popcorn bar with bowls full of m&m’s, marshmallows, mini kit kats, gummy bears, popping candy, caramel, a sprinkling of salt and whatever else they might crave in all things sweet. We can assure you it will be a hit.

Step 4 

Hot Chocolate



The movies are over and it’s almost time for bed. Almost, but not quite because who can go to sleep at a GCParty without a warm cup of hot chocolate?

We found the most basic hot chocolate recipe which is simply delicious.

All you will need are

  • 9 cups of milk
  • 450g chopped dark or milk chocolate
  • 12 marshmallows
Then warm 6 tall serving glasses. Heat milk in a small saucepan over medium heat. Add chocolate, stirring constantly until fully melted. Pour into pre-warmed glasses and top with a couple of marshmallows. Allow marshmallows to melt before drinking. Told you it was basic. The tweens will love it.

Step 5



Okay, I’m, (Renee, taking over from here on) going to admit here that even though I am trained in interior design there is no way I could manage to make one of these tents.  There would be way too much swearing and pulling of hair but we do have DIY tent instructions here for all you fabulous people who, I’ll admit, I’m not so quietly jealous of.

However, if you’re like me SleepoversRus have tents for hire.   Or, in reality, what I would probably end up doing is stringing a few sheets through the trees, along with loads of fairy lights and pray it doesn’t rain.

Step 6



download (4).jpg

As much as we love to think our darling girls will wake up cheery after a goods night sleep we really do have to ask ourselves who are we kidding.  So, I have learnt through trial and error, that the best thing to do is make a load of pancakes and leave them to fend for themselves.

But as it’s a GCParty obviously more effort needs to be made.   “Or does it?” I hear you ask. Well, if it was a simple slumber party then perhaps not but as this is the mother of all slumber parties then it has to be SPECTACULAR.

Okay, so we’ve already done the popcorn bar so I’ll make it easy for you.  Just swap everything for a pancake bar.  Too easy.  Fill jars with maple syrup, blue berries, strawberries, whipped cream, nutella and can you believe this, I know a kid who pastes vegemite on her pancakes! So a tiny vegemite jar as well.

Step 7

The Goodie Box

Sadly, the party has come to an end.  But you can’t send the girls home empty handed.  Oh no that would not do, they must have a goodie bag full of wonderful, special keepsakes such as Metallic tattoos, a Princess Crown Eyes eye mask, bars of Cute Icecream soap and Chupa Chup lib balm.

As you wave bye bye quickly shut the door firmly behind you and pour yourself a glass of bubbly because, I have no doubt the party was a huge success.  Bravo and a round of applause. Now to start planning next years glamorous, gala event. Perhaps you could suggest bowling ……..

We have more ideas on  Pinterest and would love you to follow us there.

Renee and Prue xx

Fun In the Sun

In Australia, as we say farewell to our glorious, hot summer, our friends across the globe are waiting in anticipation for it to arrive.

So we decided to give summer one last blast with a swimwear extravaganza. Too many cute styles to choose from and besides, who knows, those warm sunny days might just hang around for awhile longer.

1. Seafolly  $92.64                                             2. Gossip Girl $42.04

3. Seafolly $59.95                                              4. Billabong $75.98

5. Linnea Maillot $54.00                                   6. Dolly  $39.99

7. Next $20-24                                                   8. Joyfolie $52.00

9. Submarine $85.00                                         10. Escargot $69.95

11. Submarine $89.00                                        12.  Roxy $59.99

13. Billabong $39.99                                           14. Cupid Girl $49.99

15. Seafolly  $59.95                                            16. Roxy $39.99

17. Seafolly $64.95                                             18. Athena $45.00

19.  Ciao Bella $32.00                                        20. Submarine $55.00

21.  Stella Cove $56.00                                      22. Sudo $38.50

23. Drama Queen $55.00                                  24.  Submarine $85.00

25. Hyacinth $52.00                                         26.  Submarine $83.00

27. Submarine $83.00                                      28. Linnea Maillot $54.00

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It’s All About the Bedwear

Being a Tween means Sleepovers and Slumber Parties so we have found the perfect Pyjamas, Dressing Gowns and Slippers for every sleepover party.

Let’s start with the Pj’s

  1. Tea Collection  Pj’s  $54.58  (only to size 12)
  2. Marks & Spencer Night dress  $24 – $28
  3. Marks & Spencer Pj’s $21-31
  4. Next Pj’s/Lounge set  $21-$31
  5. Marks & Spencer Pj’s $15-26
  6. Snugglebum Pj’s $34.95 – $39.95 (on sale)
  7. Marks & Spencer Pj’s $21-$31 (on sale)
  8. Tucker +Tate Onesie $48.26
  9. Marks & Spencer 3 Pack $51-$55
  10. Next 2 Pack $41 – $48
  11. Marks & Spencer 3 Pack $51-$55

Next, the Dressing Gown

  1. Next $29.00
  2. Nordstrom $32.75
  3. Marks & Spencer  $19 – $31

and last but not least the Slippers

1. Next Mule Slippers $44 – $48

2. Pavement Fluffy Slippers $8.48 (on sale)

3. Next Pom Pom Slippers $11.50-$13.50

And just in case you’re crazy enough  for them all to stay at your house you’re definitely going to need these…..


Dotti ear muffs $12.95  (on sale woohoo)

  1. ZLYC ear muffs $15.99 (not on sale boohoo)

Beach and Party Dresses

We found these cute dresses from Lilly’s Secret, Mango, One Red Fly, Justice, WitcheryGap and Pavement, all in Tween sizes

1. Lilly’s Secret Dress $54.96

2. MNG Beaded Collar Dress $34.95 (on sale)

3. MNG Ruffed Print Dress $44.95

4. MNG Pinafore $24.95 (on sale)

5. MNG Metallic Details Dress $16.45 (on sale)

6. Pavement Cara Dress $69.95

7. One Red Fly Wing Dress $59.50 (on sale)

8. Justice Vest & Swing Dress $23.09 (on sale)

9. Mango Floral Dress $41.50 (on sale)

10. Lilly’s Secret Heart Dress $59.95

11. Gap Print Dress $20.62 (0n sale)

And check out these cute sandals from Witchery, Pavement, High Tops from Stella McCartney and Ballet Flats from Walnut.

1.Witchery Star Sandal $39.95 (on sale)

2. Stella McCartney High Top Trainers $125.00 (on sale)

3. Pavement Sophie Scalloped Sandal $14.98 (on sale)

 4. Walnut Gold Ballet Flat $49.95

Active Wear for the Tween


Having trouble finding your Tween active wear? I know we did until we discovered Flo Active, Adidas, Cotton on Free, Nike, Roxy and of course Target.  With varying price points there are pieces for every budget plus head over to our Pinterest page where we showcase many more designs your Tween will love.

1  Adidas Jacket from $62               13. Flo Active Hood $20

2  Adidas Tank  from $39                14.Flo Active Tank $29.95

3. Adidas Legging from  $35           15. Flo Active Running Short $29.95

4.Roxy Jacket $79.99                       16.Nike Jacket $70

5.Nike Tank $45                                17. Nike Top $40

6.Roxy Leggings $49.99                 18. Nike Training Tights $60

7.Adidas Jacket $80                         19. Target Jacket $20

8. Adidas Tee $35                             20. Target Crop with built in Tank $15

9. Adidas Leggings $40                  21.  Target Leggings $20

       10.Free by Cotton On Hoddie $10 (on sale)

       11. Free by Cotton on Racer Back $17.46  (on sale)

       12.Free by Cotton on Leggings $29.95 (on sale