Beach and Party Dresses

We found these cute dresses from Lilly’s Secret, Mango, One Red Fly, Justice, WitcheryGap and Pavement, all in Tween sizes

1. Lilly’s Secret Dress $54.96

2. MNG Beaded Collar Dress $34.95 (on sale)

3. MNG Ruffed Print Dress $44.95

4. MNG Pinafore $24.95 (on sale)

5. MNG Metallic Details Dress $16.45 (on sale)

6. Pavement Cara Dress $69.95

7. One Red Fly Wing Dress $59.50 (on sale)

8. Justice Vest & Swing Dress $23.09 (on sale)

9. Mango Floral Dress $41.50 (on sale)

10. Lilly’s Secret Heart Dress $59.95

11. Gap Print Dress $20.62 (0n sale)

And check out these cute sandals from Witchery, Pavement, High Tops from Stella McCartney and Ballet Flats from Walnut.

1.Witchery Star Sandal $39.95 (on sale)

2. Stella McCartney High Top Trainers $125.00 (on sale)

3. Pavement Sophie Scalloped Sandal $14.98 (on sale)

 4. Walnut Gold Ballet Flat $49.95

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